Monday, October 12, 2009

School, School, School, Dog!

It has been a while since I have posted anything. I started school again in August and I am currently taking Introduction to Acting and Algebra 1, I think. The classes are ok. I am not much of an actor, but the class is pretty fun. My math class is a hybrid class, which means that one hour a week I go to class and take a test or review with the teacher and the rest of the time the homework is online. I Got a new Guide dog puppy in June! I just started taking him to class with me. I was kind of hesitant to take him to this new college because they were hesitant to let me bring him. They told me that they had problems with student's bringing their pet dogs to school and saying they were service animals. My acting teacher was, I think, scared to allow him to class. She kept saying if he bites someone it will be your responsibility and we don't want anyone to sue the school for being bit. I kept telling her "Ok. I will make sure that no one pets him or gets to close anyways because he is in training.". She just kept saying that all the time before I even brought him to class. Then when I brought him to class she said "I didn't even notice him. He did such a good job." and I said I had to get off the stage a couple of times to correct him, because our class is on stage, and she said she didn't even notice, so I think the first day was a success! On the other hand my math teacher could careless.
I have been looking into doing the Walt Disney College Program in Orlando, but I don't think I will be doing it next semester. I don't feel right about going, so I will be waiting to apply for the semester after.
Also my sister Robin and her husband Nathan and there kids are now living with us. They moved in at the beginning of August and I think it has helped Robin out a lot with all the doctor visit's she has to go to with Manoah, to have an extra couple hands if she needs to leave her kids at home.
Kimber and Jason will be moving back up to Sacramento now also! So we will have all the siblings except Kathryn & Micaiah, Kacy & Harley, and Michelle & Bob! I can't believe that we will have almost all, well more than half, of the siblings in Sacramento.
Oh I get to see 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' for my acting class this Saturday. I get to usher for it so I get to see it for free! One of my fellow classmates in my acting class is in the play. I think he will do a good job because he is playing one of the Mr. Hyde's and he is really eccentric already.

Well I guess that is it for now so look forward to another blog soon. I am going to start typing on here a lot more than I have!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Florida, Little India, and Walt Disney World

Well I just got back from a two week excursion from Florida. I stayed with Kacy and Harley. While I was there Kacy took me to ALL the parks!!

We went to Magic Kingdom on our first day out. We also had Ruben(3) and Edmund(almost 2) with us so we didn't do all the rides (We couldn't take Danika because she had school:( Most of the time we would either take turns going with Ruben or we would go all together.

We then went to Animal Kingdom where we went on the safari ride and we saw a 4 month old baby elephant and a baby giraffe!! We then went on the train ride to Conservation Station, I think that is what it is called I just keep calling it that. We went and saw lots of different bugs and we saw a spaying of a rat, which was really cool, because the rat was so small. They had a tv screen for people to watch what the veterinarian's were doing. I also saw Finding Nemo the musical which was really good, I thought is was going to be really bad. They also had a big huge Nigel, the bird from Nemo, on stage, it was really awesome! Oh and there was a Lion King show. That was really cool! I can't really explain it.
Also in Animal Kingdom they had there own little Indian city they called Anandapur. Kacy and I took some pictures because our mom and dad went to India the same weeks that I was in Florida, so we thought it was funny because we were in "India" the same time our parents were in the really India.

While I was there we got to eat out....a lot! We mostly ate at Epcot for our dinner

We then went to Hollywood Studio's, which was MGM studio's before. It has a lot of shows, a Toy Story 3D video shooting game, a car stunt show, American Idol experience, which, I think, officially opened today, the 14th, that was really fun, and Star Tours.

Epcot was my favorite.It has Spaceship Earth, which is the big 'Golf' looking ball, and I went to all the countries, that they have there, when I went on my own on one of the last days that I was there, Kacy and Edmund got kind of sick, I also went on Test Track which was really fun, you are suppose to be like crash dummies so they are taking you on a course and it goes really fast. If you haven't been there you need to:)

We went to Disney Quest which is a 5 storie high arcade:) It's not at any of the parks, it's at downtown Disney. Kacy got to play Qbert, well I did too, but I was not very good at it:) and there were a lot of old and new games that we got to play together:)

And the best part was after we would come home from dinner Harley, Kacy and I would play board games:) I had a very good time while I was there and it was so fun to get to see Kacy and Harley and my niece and nephews that I don't get to see everyday. I hope to get back there someday:)